OSO planning + design is a dynamic team of community planners, designers, artists and makers with over 30 years of collective experience working collaboratively with communities. Their collective expertise includes urban planning and design, architecture, design-build, post secondary education, participatory design, and community engagement. Every project is designed to integrates community throughout the entire process so that endeavour builds on this comprehensive understanding of a community to imagine what is possible, invent a future, and distill visions into practical actions that take the form of physical interventions, policies, curriculum, programs, or special projects.

Nocturne 2023 - Future Fagrments
Blooming Seating Public Seating
Kearny Lake Rd Privacy Screen
Mobile Makerspace Participatory Design
Photo Voice in Ouje-Bougoumou

The Open in
Open Studio One

Open serves as the foundation for how we work. It means everyone can be part of the process. We feel that planning and design should not be done behind closed doors, but should be done out in the open. This approach is more accessible, participatory and empowering.

Alderney Plaza - Process
Spencer House Back Patio - Unbuilt
Ouje-Bougoumou Future Development Map

Our Approach

Is Open, Participatory, Community-Based, Action-Oriented, and Comprehensive

What we do!

Community Planning, Urban Design, Placemaking, Public Art, Design-Build, Architectural Design and Research + Policy Development

Open Street Bench Building Workshop
Harmony Park Development Site Plan