The Open in Open Studio One

Open serves as the foundation for how we work. It means everyone can be part of the process. We feel that planning and design should not be done behind closed doors, but should be done out in the open. This approach is more accessible, participatory and empowering.

Kearny Lake Rd Privacy Screen
Alderney Plaza
Oujé-Bougoumou Photo Voice
Spencer House Back Patio - Unbuilt
Noise Freelab Instalation
Blooming Seating Public Seating

Our Approach:

Is Open, Participatory, Community-Based, Action-Oriented, and Comprehensive

Alderney Plaza - Process
Cogswell Park Boardwalk - Unbuilt

What we do!

Community Planning, Urban Design, Placemaking, Design-Build, Architectural Design, Research + Policy Development,

Kearny Lake Rd Privacy Screen
Open Street Bench Building Workshop