The Open in Open Studio One

Open serves as the foundation for how we work. It means everyone can be part of the process. We feel that planning and design should not be done behind closed doors, but should be done out in the open. This approach is more accessible, participatory and empowering. Open embodies our values and the way we practice. It goes well beyond simply engaging on a project, it means creating diverse opportunities to participate from start to finish - from planning, design, development to building and operating. Reimagining the planning and design process to be thoughtful and intentional, creating opportunities for people to actively shape the world around them.

A Honed Craft 

OSO planning + design is a dynamic team of community planners and designers with over 30 years of experience working collaboratively with communities. Our collective expertise includes urban planning and design, architecture, design-build, environmental sustainability, participatory design and community engagement. Every project integrates our talented team of planners and designers throughout the entire process, we work closely with you to ensure the project meets, then exceeds your needs and aspirations. 

To us, planning and design are about a community coming together to reflect on the moment, its history, values, and its human, natural and cultural assets. Every endeavor builds on this comprehensive understanding of a community to imagine what is possible, invent a future, and distill visions into practical actions that take the form of physical interventions, policies, programs or special projects. Having a comprehensive approach means that we don't look at anything in isolation, we seek to understand how things are connected and how they influence each other. We have a curiosity and expertise in exploring projects and issues that touch every level of our communities.

Tangible Action

OSO plans, designs and builds with communities and partners who share our enthusiasm for a community-based approach that recognizes the enormous value, wisdom, knowledge, experience and passion that comes from community. With many projects we integrate a tangible component so the community can see change take shape on the ground right away. Action doesn’t always need to be a large gesture, sometimes small projects can be the catalyst for big change.

Our Team

Frank Palermo

Founding Partner

Kieran Stepan

Founding Partner

Iyad Al Halis

Founding Partner

Michael MacLean

Founding Partner
BFA, MEDS Design-Build